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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Excerpt from Maverick, LCSW

I've finally posted an excerpt from Maverick, LCSW on my Script Frenzy page.  (Yes, that's what I finally went with.  Everyone who chimed in seemed pretty excited about Mav.)  For everyone's benefit, I'll recreate it below:

Mind if I co-facilitate this group therapy session?

The gangsters promptly forget about Angie and advance on Maverick. Switchblades flash and brass knuckles abound. Maverick simply cracks his knuckles.

Let's check in.

Maverick executes a flawless backwards roundhouse kick and knocks one of the gangsters into the wall, where he collapses.

First tell me who you are...

Maverick grabs a lid off a trash can smashes one of the gang members in the face with it.

...Then tell me what you're hoping to get out of this session.

Maverick throws the trash can lid like a frisbee at one of the gangsters. It connects with his sternum, and sends him staggering. One of the gangsters jumps in front of Maverick with a knife.

I'll cut you! I'll cut you so bad you'll wish that I never cut you in the first place.

Woah, woah, woah. Time out. Why don't we see if I can't help you redirect that hostility?

Maverick kicks the gangster in his hand, sending him staggering into another gangster so that he stabs him. Finally there is only one gangster left. The man is obviously terrified, and wilts under Maverick's shadow.

Oh, I'm so sorry. We're all out of time. Let's reschedule you for next week. Here let me introduce you to MY SECRETARY!

Maverick headbutts the man. He claps his hands against one another triumphantly.

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