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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Eternity Burning: Chapter 2, Part 2

The old fashioned doorbell rang anxiously. It was an ancient cacophonous monstrosity, but it did it’s job. Dan Sharp believed in keeping something until it stopped working. It lent a very rustic look to his whole house. Of course, it was a farmhouse, so rustic became it.

“Coming!” Esther Sharp yelled.

The kindly, cherubic, old lady waddled to the door. She threw it open and there was a silent flourish.

“Oh, Dina!” Esther exclaimed, and threw her considerable arms around her daughter.

“Hi, mom,” Dina said weakly (perhaps from asphyxiation).

“Oh, and this must be your lucky beau. What’s your name again, young man?”

“Victory Halov, Mrs. Sharp. It’s a pleasure to meet you, ma’am.”

Victory put out his hand and tried not to squeeze too hard.

“Oh, and he’s so polite,” Esther Sharp said, “A perfect gentleman.”

“Oh, thank you, ma’am,” Victory said, almost blushing.

She didn’t hear him though. She was yelling across the house.

“Dan! Dan, get out here. It’s your daughter and her new caller.”

There were few men more crotchety than Daniel Jebediah Sharp. After extricating himself from his armchair with all the groans and annoyance his fifty-some years allowed, he plodded into the foyer.

“Dina!” Dan exclaimed, and made a long, complicated show of affection.

When his attention was finally pulled away from his daughter, he noticed Victory standing there and politely smiling.

“Who’s this?” Dan grunted.

“Victory Halov, sir,” Vic said, offering his hand for a shake.

Dan ignored the hand. After a few seconds, Victory dropped it.

“Well, dinner’s almost ready,” Esther said, breaking the tension somewhat, “Let’s go and eat, shall we?”

Esther led the way to the dining room.

“After you, Halov,” Dan said frigidly.

“Thank you, sir,” Victory said, and followed Dina’s mother.

Dan stopped his daughter before she could follow her boyfriend.

“Dina, my girl, you’ve got to develop some more discriminating tastes!” he exclaimed.

“Christ, Dad, he can hear you!”

“No, I can’t” Victory said wryly over his shoulder.

“See, he…” Daniel Sharp began, “Oh, wait.”

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