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Monday, June 29, 2009

The Last War: Chapter 25, Part 2

Someone in the bar changed the channel. The bar boasted holonet, but was otherwise a pretty dingy, grimy place. Though most of the denizens of the bar at present were soldiers, none of them really wanted to hear the Battle of Tijuana any more.

Ever since Mexico had begun invading America, things had been going wrong. True, the mass terror and hysteria brought on by the Rape of Washington had petered out. People were beginning to act like people again, because a war was going on, and they finally had a real, functional, provisional government.

The coalies had won victory after victory against the Americans. To the north, Canada was waging a sea war on the great lakes, and had already begun landing Coalition marines in Detroit and other northern cities. To the south, the Mexicans had been winning battle after battle, on both Mexican and American soil. The American army was free from having to monitor crime, but it was still not at full capacity, even with a tenuous peace established with The Claw. No one wanted to hear about Paul King being beaten by Chavo Oso. Something else bleated away on the holonet receiver.

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