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- Mikhail Bulgakov

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Hussar 1

***Quality, quality writing. Extra-high exposition factor for your enjoyment.***

"He who seeks revenge keeps his own wounds green."
- Francis Bacon

The greatest Emperor France has ever known was named Napoleon Bonaparte. Forged from the chaos of the French Revolution, Napoleon became an iron hard leader of France. From the dregs and slums that had been France he molded a new nation and a new army This army was truly the finest and the largest ever known to man.

Not even Caesar's military at its peak matched Napoleon's army, and the greatest troops of Napoleon's army were the hussars. These mounted soldiers were the finest cavalry ever known. Adorned in tall, plumed shako hats, and colorful ornamented uniforms, the hussars represented everything strong about the military.

So with mighty infantry and great dragoons of hussars, Napoleon set about the grandiose plan of conquering the world. Only one as bold and strong as Napoleon could have conquered the world. In the early nineteenth century, Napoleon's troops set about conquering all of Europe.

There was one thorn in Napoleon's side, one wrench in the works, so to speak. This hurdle to jump, this obstacle to vault, this impediment to Napoleon's greatest plans was a nation. This nation was England. England's navy was even stronger than France's, and it's army was very strong. Only Britain stood in Napoleon's path.

As we all know, Napoleon did not conquer the world, but made a fine effort of trying. And so our story unfolds as a bold young hussar prepares to face the wrath of the British army.

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