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Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Fistful of Zombies 24

***Better late than never, eh? Sort of? Eh, whatever.***

Vazquez shakily holds his cross as the three half-nude zombie advance on him

You are ungodly creatures. And you seek ungodly acts. No doubt. But I will not be tempted.

The zombies moan non-committally. Vazquez backs up to the ladder and struggles to climb down one-handed. Suddenly he stops as zombie Chapelle, with his neck distended so far that his head flaps against his shoulder, wraps his arms around him. Vazquez screams as Chapelle bites into his shoulder, using his free hand to push his head into the proper spot, since it won’t move on its own.


Vazquez presses the cross against Chapelle’s forehead, which causes the zombie to fall back off the ladder, truly dead. Vazquez lets the cross drop and dangle around his neck, breathing hard and struggling to hold on to the ladder. Suddenly, the three topless Petticoat zombies reach down and grab him, struggling, pulling him up to the water tower.

No! No!

They devour and rip apart Vazquez on top of the watertower, although to an untrained eye it would look quite a bit like a lovely orgy. When the screaming stops, one of the zombies rips off Vazquez’s cock and balls and holds it aloft.

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