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Monday, March 18, 2013

Here's an up-and-coming young fella I think you'll all enjoy reading...

I came across this delightful excerpt from a quarterfinalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.  Now, I don't normally pimp the work of others (except for John Dixon and whoever this cat is) but I think this aspiring your wordsmith has got the right...what's that stuff?  So, anyway, it may not affect the contest (although it may, subconsciously alter the perceptions of the reviewers) but I definitely think you should consider giving this strapping young lad a 5-star review.  Or 10*.  Run, my little meat-puppets**, run.

*the management of this blog does not encourage the posting of fallacious reviews on Amazon.***

**the management of this blog really thinks that meat puppet is a pretty ridiculous concept.  I mean, seriously?  Somebody agrees with you because you asked them to and suddenly they're a "meat puppet?"  Why not just say, "this guy disagreed with me and I hate him?"  Fucking Wikipedia.

***except  in this case of this blog's management, in which case, go wild.

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