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Monday, August 5, 2013

The 2013 Hundie Challenge #65: Oracle of Philadelphia

So, as I've mentioned ad nauseum, I can't really properly "review" any of the books from my publisher because, you know, conflict of interest. Either I'm going to call them awesome and be accused of being a meat puppet (which, seriously, WTF, Wikipedia) or call it terrible and then be a terrible, terrible person and be ostracized from my fledgling author community. So there's no winning there. I've been upset about this prohibition to varying degrees regarding each Red Adept book I've spotlighted here on the blog, but none moreso than ORACLE OF PHILADELPHIA by Elizabeth Corrigan.

I should SERIOUSLY not review OoP, though, because Lizzy "Don't Call Me Lizzy" Corrigan is the one who first hooked me up with Red Adept, so I have so much residual goodwill to her, that it almost doesn't matter that she also wrote an incredible book. That theoretical review would've been glowing either way. a halo! (Get it? Get it? No? Well, read the book, then, you Philistine.) That being said, let me do the one fun thing which I am not ethically prohibited from doing, which is to come up with a tagline. Here goes:


Awesome! Nailed it! Holy shit, that was good. I didn't even think I was going to be able to come up with one, but that just like, slid off my fingertips and into your eyeholes.

Aaaaaanyway, OoP is basically a story of a woman, I'm not even going to bother because she's got like 50 names in the book, oh, all right, let's just call her Carrie, I think that's the one she presently uses, who can, like, read people's minds and stuff. Which basically makes her a pawn in the whole Cold War between Heaven and Hell, because her powers come from Lucifer, but she wants to help people, and in a lot of ways she can't, so it basically amounts to a curse rather than a blessing. But she tries as best she can to find a Third Way (take that, Tito!) and is friends with both angel and devils, including the awesome chaos demon Bedlam, who everyone pretty much agrees has taken over the book and the series, as good demons are wont to do.

For the back cover and places to buy, click here.

Or to read an excerpt check this out.

Oh, also, I would be SERIOUSLY remiss if I didn't tell you to follow Bedlam on Twitter. He's soooo much fun to harass.

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