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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Paint by Numbers

Hey, everybody, sorry I've been acting like Uncle Marketing Douche™ these past few days. I'm sure it was especially painful if you follow me on multiple social media sites. The good news, though, is that thanks to you, my beloved fans, I've reached personal bests on almost every statistic I track.  A few of these, paperback sales rankings mostly, are from last year, but the big unplanned double sale this week drove almost everything into the stratosphere.  Since I thought you might be interested, here are my current personal bests for all my stats.  (Bear in mind that the lower the number the in, we all want to be number 1.)

#1,540 author on Amazon US
#36 author in Horror on Amazon US

#5 in Sci Fi & Fantasy (Horror) on Kobo
#5 in Fiction & Literature (Horror) on Kobo
#5 in Mystery & Suspense (Hard-Boiled) on Kobo
#253 on Barnes & Noble
#33,119 on Amazon UK (e-books)
#623 on Amazon US (e-books)

#29,879 on Amazon US (paperback)
#7 in Hard-Boiled (books) on Amazon US
#9 in Hard-Boiled (e-books) on Amazon US
#15 in Horror (e-books) on Amazon US

#20,445 on Amazon UK (e-books)
#13,052 on Amazon US (e-books)

#78,441 on Amazon US (paperbacks)
#19 in Sea Adventures on Amazon US

Thanks for all the support everybody!

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