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Monday, October 27, 2014

Survival Instructions for the Zombie Apocalypse (Guest Infographic from Blogger Naomi Shaw)

Hey, kids, I am just pleased as punch to bring you all a Halloween week surprise!  The infographic which I know you're already scrolling past my introduction to read was created by the talented blogger and journalist Naomi J. Shaw, who reached out to me last week.  Naomi's written a few words about this below and then we'll get to know her a little bit, too, but first let's just enjoy this beauty:

Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse

The general American public is fascinated by zombies—and rightfully so. Our current news landscape is dominated by talk of all sorts of looming threats, both domestic and abroad; both real and speculative.

For most, something like ebola, for example, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. The way a lot of people are talking about it, through professional news outlets and social media alike, there’s no way of knowing for sure just how serious or threatening ebola is to the hypothetical average American.

In stark contrast to this brand of vague, widespread panic and confusion, zombies are a (fictional) threat that makes a whole lot of sense. Zombies want to:

1. Eat your brains.

2. Increase the number of zombies that exist.
Living, breathing humans can prevent them from doing this going for the head. Zombies without a head are zombies no more.

One part of what makes ebola so threatening in the weird way that it is, is that safety from it is not something that can be simply summed up in a clear and concise infographic, but rather, something being hotly debated by America’s top health professionals. If they don’t know, who does?

Protection from a zombie outbreak takes no health professionals; no debate. Rather, a one-hundred-thousand dollar Zombie Fortification Cabin will do the trick.

Zombies in Pop Culture

Products like this—whose cousins include, for example, weaponry/first-aid kids branded to resemble items found on The Walking Dead, plenty of which can be found through a quick eBay search—do not exist for people who are actually worried about a zombie outbreak (people who doubtlessly do exist—somewhere—but don’t have $100,000 of disposable income, I would wager) but people concerned with other, more real things, who also happen to really like zombies.

This is what makes zombie culture so unique: while the threat isn’t real, the idea of threat, while far more simple than the many posed by things the real world, provokes very realistic planning and strategizing.

Of course, zombies are also a whole lot more fun than ebola. From Zombie Crawls to Zombie Balls, a lot of people like to dress up like zombies and be goofy together.

Zombie Preparedness

While cinema portrays zombies as a threat with which humans must be very concerned, it seems perfectly safe to say that zombies are no real threat to an American public so captivated by how to defeat them.

Despite the fact that the current number of humans lost to zombie attacks is negligible (having never actually happened), multiple books exist outlining how to prevent an outbreak, were it to occur.

The attached infographic has a few more tips on how to survive the zombie apocalypse. Whether or not this is something that may actually happen one day, keeping the information below in mind can help prevent this sort of disaster before it even happens.

In the meantime, you can do your duty as a living human by dressing up like a zombie and having fun!

About Naomi Shaw

Naomi Shaw is a writer and mother of three based in Southern California. Originally an entrepreneur, she hopes people with a good business sense will be valued in the case of a zombie outbreak.


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