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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Rats Off To Ya!
It's the reason for the season, Tom.
We're past the point now where even Amazon can't promise to get you a gift by Christmas morning anymore.  You can brave the brick and mortar stores for your last-minute shopping, but that's so far beyond a nightmare it's like a night-thoroughbred.

Here's an alternative.  If you know someone with a Kindle you can give them an e-book as a present.  It's simple.  (And if you're an older person who normally has technology issues, your young family members will think you're "hip" and "with it" and can "Macarena.")

1.  Go to the entry for the Kindle book you want to buy.  For instance, BILLY AND THE CLONEASAURUS, which is conveniently on sale for only $0.99 now through 3:00am EST Christmas morning!

2.  Click on "Give as a Gift."

3.  Enter your loved one's e-mail address. 

4.  Schedule the date and time you want it delivered.  So, for instance, 8:00 am Christmas morning if you know they'll be unwrapping gifts, or 6:00 pm on their birthday if you know they'll be at their party, etc.

And there you have it!  No lines, no crowds, no waiting, and no wrapping.  You can even make a big show of telling your loved one not to be checking their phone because this is family time, dammit, and then it's kind of like a big prank when they finally see it was you sending them a gift.  See, you can't buy memories like that.  But you can still buy BILLY...

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