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Friday, January 9, 2015

Cousin Skill

I don't know if we have a name yet for misheard lyrics.  You know, like Jimi Hendrix's eternal, "Excuse me while I kiss this guy."  They're sort of like spoonerisms...well, sometimes they can be spoonerisms.  I dunno.  Anyway, we need a term for those. 

Oh, correction: Google informs me these are known as "mondegreens." 

Aaaaanyway, some of you may have heard my interview on the Books and Booze podcast.  Sadly, Books and Booze is going off the air, so they've been soliciting farewell messages on a special hotline (951-290-8002) to play during the final episode. 

As soon as I heard about this I called immediately.  It was around 1am on a weeknight, so naturally I was about three sheets to the wind, and I stepped outside into the literal wind so as not to be disturbing the other members of the household with a telephone conversation in the middle of the night.  In any case, I don't really remember what I said.  But the next day I got this message on my Facebook, advising me of a nigh incomprehensible mondegreen:

You said, "Hi, this is Steve Kozeniewski, author of Braineater Jones" and the voicemail app transcribed that as, "Hi. This is Steve cousin skill to bring your insurance."

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