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Friday, May 27, 2016

Bucket List

Copy and Paste to your Status... Then put a ✔ if you have done it or remove the ✔if you haven't.

Had children
Had a pet
Been a child
Been a pet
Hobbled a stranded author
Been to Brigadoon
Been to Tír na nÓg
Put trousers on a velociraptor
Survived Ragnarok
Thrown a handful of dust in an enemy's eyes
Became pregnant with the final savior of the world by the seed of Zoroaster while bathing in a lake
Written a list
Told your enemy that in the end you're really not so different after all
Gotten married
Married your best friend
Married your greatest lover
Married yourself through a freak temporal paradox
Kissed someone with your eyes open
Given a verbal warning to a gun
Given a final written warning to a gun
Fired a gun
Used the word "reticulated" in a sentence
Seen attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion
Been to the movies
Grown a beard
Been a beard
Rode a short man dressed like Carmen Miranda
Eaten an avocado
Eaten long pig
Drunk wine from the skull(s) of your enemy(ies)
Gone bowling

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