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Friday, September 18, 2009

The Last War: Chapter 62, Part 1

"Senor Presidente, we've done it!" Chavo Oso exclaimed into his radio transmitter.

"You have all the secrets then?" Almacen asked.

"Yes, sir. Our technicians have stripped the station from head to foot. They've taken some of the more important parts for further study, but they've made an extensive and detailed analysis."

"Excellent," said the dictator of the tiny Mexican fascist empire.

Mexico's Coalition Allies had been rather less than willing to share the secrets of scanner technology with them. Mexico was considered a bit of a black sheep, being far more dictatorial than even Mongolia. Still, it was a necessary evil. Being the only military power worth mentioning in North America aside from the far weaker Canada, Mexico was the key to keeping America in a constant state of turmoil, and out of the way of the other Coalition countries.

So, the rest of the Coalition countries had been less than enthusiastic in providing Mexico with a means to grow very strong militarily. With scanners it could most likely have taken over America, and then begun to cause trouble almost immediately for it's allies. So, the fascists were kept on a tight leash by their stronger friends. That was all about to change.

"Blow it up, then," said Almacen, "And send the technicians back to Mexico City with the technical plans. Proceed to Washington, and draw on any troops you may need. Once we have completed construction on a scanner station I will need you to take California so we can have Silicone Valley for supplies."

This was it, Almacen thought after disconnecting his line with Oso. America's final death blow. Without scanners America would be at a disadvantage. He almost reached for the telephone to inform the Canadians, but he stopped himself. This would be Mexico's victory, not the Coalition's.

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