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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Last War: Chapter 70, Parts 5 and 6

"Next grid!" Qahira called out impatiently.

After 8A, 6B, and 3F none of the Rhinos had called out another grid. He had to detonate something else before the mercenaries reached the governmental buildings.

"They're not moving!" someone called out.

"Not moving?" Qahira asked no one in particular, "What kind of a plan is that?"

Qahira had thought that mining the city he was defending was a rather ingenius plan. Attackers sitting around on their asses sounded like a stupid plan.

"All right, then start shooting at them. Don't engage the mercenaries directly, but start sniping at them."

The orders went down the chain of command.


"I've pulled all of our troops out, al-Xyz. If they move, more explosives go off and they die. If they sit there, they'll all get shot. I think this may call for a more Roman type of siege. Our engineers are poisoning the Nile and all their other water sources now. We've surrounded the city completely. They'll have to surrender sooner or later."

Al-Xyz nodded.

"Eventually. Their leader must be brilliant."

Qajar snorted.

"Egyptians are idiots. They might force us to keep out for a while, but they'll never hold us back."

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