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Friday, October 23, 2009

The Last War: Chapter 71, Part 2

"Fantastic. We're off the beaches for two seconds and the Easterners are everywhere," Bruno Olensheim complained.

He looked at his scanner. He was surprised it was still working. The Easterners probably didn't bother to set up a large jamming system in occupied countries after they were taken. He tapped in orders for the British division to wheel from it's current position and support a line of Germans that was cracking. Suddenly his scanner began to blink with the message "NO SIGNAL".

"Damn. They've brought jammers here. I'll have to give orders the old fashioned way."

The scream of a rocket pierced the air. Olensheim dove from where he was standing to the ground. The flak exploded after contact with the point Olensheim had just left.

"Pure luck!" the German commander exclaimed, excited and surprised.

He got back to his feet and dusted himself off. The chancellor and so many other civilians had paid the harshest sacrifices for Germany. He was hell bent and determined to see that their deaths were not in vain, and that Germany would be free again.

Olensheim whispered, "Fatherland, we have returned."

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