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Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Last War: Chapter 73, Part 8

"So Pantermalis' curse has come true. You know, for a while I honestly believed I could take on the whole world and come out a winner. But I've known defeat. The Omega War is over for the Eastern Bloc."

Dimitri Igoumensita nodded to himself. The Czech captain scratched his neck nervously. He didn't understand Greek, although Igoumensita spoke Czech and many other languages.

"Who was it? Who captured Athens?" the Greek asked in Czech.

Igoumensita had been conducting the war on every front at once from his command center. As a result he hadn't been in Athens for the invasion. At the moment he was flying to Athens to conduct his surrender. He had been busy beating off every other force he could, so didn't know who had beaten his troops there.

"The Yankee, King, and the Boche, Olensheim," the Czech captain replied.

Igoumensita nodded again.

"The Polish partisans have used this opportunity to push our occupying forces out. General Pantermalis was wounded in an assassination attempt, although one of his seconds was killed. He's convalescing now in Belarus."

Igoumensita said, "He's grown up now. He's not quite so naive or weak. He'll recover fast."

The plane's intercom buzzed into life suddenly, saying, "We're making a landing in Athens now, general."

"Good," Igoumensita said.

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