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Monday, July 19, 2010

A Fistful of Zombies 2

***Sorry. Unannounced (but strangely far out planned) hiatus on Friday. To quote Silent Cal, "You lose."***

A room inside the mansion. PORT, a porcine capitalist in a pinstripe suit with a pencil-thin moustache is kneeling before a bed. There are candles all around, almost as though they are in mourning. Port is holding the hand of his wife, a ghostly beautiful woman who is hardly breathing at all.

My love, my love. Hold on just a little bit longer. Help is on the way.

Boston opens the curtains which serve as a door to the room. He enters.

Mr. Port? Colonel Butler is here, with the…gentleman you requested.

Butler bursts in and points his pistol at Port. Boston is stunned, but too cowardly to do anything.

Where are my guns, Port?

In the stable, round back.

Butler turns and leaves.

Sir, honestly, why did we have to employ that odious man’s services?

Boston, do you think you could get through Confederate lines, to Haiti, and bring someone back?

No, sir, unfortunately.

Where is this witch doctor that cost me so much anyway?

The Bokor enters. He is somewhat impressed with the room. He sniffs the air, and puts his palms against a wall. He runs his fingers through the flames of a candle. Port finally stands and looks at the Bokor. The Bokor cocks his head slightly and observes Port. We get the feeling that if Port didn’t speak, the Bokor would simply stand there all day observing.

Can you cure her?

The Bokor looks at Port’s wife, much in the same way he has observed everything else in the room. She is not a person, so much as an interesting toy or bauble to him.

She almost dead, boss. I not a medicine man.

PORT (growing red with fury)
You promised me…

The Bokor holds up a hand.

I no power over dis life. But she ain’t gone be dis life much longer. She crosses over, I bring her back.

You can bring back the dead?

Sir, you can’t believe this…

Shut up, Boston! Tell me, can you really bring back the dead?

The Bokor grins.

Bringing dem back, dat’s da easy part. But it ain’t dat simple.

What do you mean?

Sometimes dey come back good. Sometimes dey come back bad.

No earthly medicine can save her. But I can’t live without her. Do it. Do it now!

She not over da line yet. I can’t bring her back from where she ain’t been.

Port goes up to his wife, takes the pillow from under her head and suffocates her with it. He turns away from her body in disgust. The Bokor grins and walks up to Port’s wife.

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