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Friday, July 23, 2010

A Fistful of Zombies 4

Port’s mansion. The Bokor is pouring sparking dust out of a leather pouch in a circle around the bed.

One t’ing you remember before I start. I cast dis spell, it bring your woman back. But I gotta stop it. I don’t, and bad t’ings happen.

Are you threatening Mr. Port?

No. I just say, I don’t stop spell until I get paid.

Extortion is a rule in this business. Don’t worry, you’ll get your money. Now stop stalling and do it.

The Bokor grins ominously. He begins to do an arcane ritual. As he dances and chants, the storm clouds get worse and worse, and skulls and spirits begin to be seen in the clouds. When the Bokor stops, all three of them look at Port’s wife. Nothing happens. Port begins to turn purple.

He’s a fake! Kill him!


Boston pulls out a pistol.

No, no, patience!

Boston shoots the Bokor, and the Bokor falls to the ground. Suddenly, Port’s wife takes a deep breath, arches her back, and then sits up. She looks around, confused, unsure about her surroundings, sweaty and sickly. Port forgets about everything around him and walks up to his wife. He is disbelieving, until he takes her hand. Boston looks at the Bokor, who, though dead, is still grinning.

Hmm. So he did tell the truth. Sir, the Bokor never broke the spell…

Shut up you idiot! Leave me alone with my wife. And take that thing with you.

Port gestures at the corpse of the Bokor. Boston silently grabs the corpse and leaves.

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