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Monday, July 22, 2013

The 2013 Hundie Challenge #59: First to Find

Our first entry (but not our last...dun dun dunnnnnn) in the series from the inimitable Morgan C. Talbot is FIRST TO FIND.  I said "series" in that last sentence meaning the 2013 Hundie Challenge and/or the Red Adept enclave of the same, but of course I should also point out that FTF is the first book in the Caching Out series...which was also what I was ham-fistedly implying. 

Ok, fun stuff first then we'll get down to business.

FIRST TO FIND is like NCIS if it was staffed by Inspector Clouseau.

Well...that wasn't such a great tag, but it was pretty funny.  I was actually going to drop VERONICA MARS, except I already used that one, and then I was thinking of GOONIES, except I'm pretty sure I used that one, too.

Aaaaaaanyhoo...I sort of vaguely had a notion of what geocaching was before I read this book because I had a friend who was "in to" that whole "scene" back when I was in "college."  I gather that the geocaching community or "GCC" has kind of advanceed since then.  No, don't bother asking me when "then" was.  I've spent way too long already this weekend trying to dodge questions about my "age."

So FTF is about a couple of "geocachers" who get drawn into a "net" of murder and "intrigue."  The one character, Margarita (which, awesome) is a jiujitsu expert or something so she's constantly kicking ass, but she's kind of a hare-brain so it's not always the right ass.  The other, breakout character, Bindi is an Australian fashion designer (no, I'm not kidding) with a "nose" (ha!) for trouble.  Yeah, that joke will make more sense when you've read the book. 

So, anyway, for the back cover blurb which will have far fewer digressions and much less of the "lingo" I've been "pimping in your face" go here.

And to "catch" a "whack cut-out jobbie" click here.

Or to "snap that sucker up" click here.

Ooh, and a bonus "wiggity wham wham wozzle" this week: an audio interview with Morgan C. Talbot herself!

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