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Monday, July 29, 2013

The 2013 Hundie Challenge #62: The Sun, the Moon, and Maybe the Trains

Ooh, this was a fun book.  It's too bad I'm ethically prohibited from reviewing this books, because I have some nice things to say about that one.  But, since that is the case, let's go ahead and proceed with coming up with a tagline.


Hey, that was pretty good!  I was going to throw a BACK TO THE FUTURE III reference in there, but I wasn't sure I could make it fit.

This book is supposed to be YA, but I never felt like I was reading a kid's book.  It felt very mature to me, although I guess that might be me exposing my bias of assuming kids aren't mature.  But anyway, I fell deeply, deeply in love with the characters, which is really saying something because I usually care fuck-all about characters and am only interested in a crack-a-lacking plot.

Basically, THE SUN, THE MOON, AND MAYBE THE TRAINS by Rodney Jones is a time travel story but a most UNUSUAL time travel story.  John, a kid from 1875 (well, I guess not really a kid by the standards of that time) accidentally stumbles into a portal and find himself in 2009.  It's a culture clash of the type you know I probably love due to my ongoing unrequited love affair with LIFE ON MARS (which, not incidentally, I'm watching the unaired U.S. Los Angeles pilot of right now...yeah, that's right, everyone's totally stoked on me.)  But back to the book.  John is cool but when he meets Tess, a girl from 2009, that's when the book really takes off.  These two are just electric right from the get-go (see, that's a funny joke because electricity is only really meaningful in 2009...get it?  Get it?)

For the back cover blurb, click here.

Or to read an excerpt check this out.

And, finally, to go the whole hog and buy the book and support one of our great RAP authors, click here.

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