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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

BJ's Not Dead Yet!

Well, I warned/promised you: just because the official blog tour is over, doesn't mean you never get to hear about BRAINEATER JONES again! Don't worry, I've already updated The Quintessential BRAINEATER JONES post. In fact, I think I may have to pin that somewhere to the main page of the blog so you can keep a running tally...but I digress. Today I showed up on the inimitable Guy Haley's blog, Haley's Comment. And in case you missed it, yesterday I got the chance to correct my mulligan on WebbWeaver books! (Don't worry if you listened to the first interview - I gave different answers to all the questions and read a different excerpt, so you shouldn't feel any deja vu. It was fun!)

But anyway, I'm still plugging away on NaNo and the 2013 Hundie Challenge not to mention the day job and the holidays...but anyway, that's all crap. The most important thing is the bitter death contest I'm locked in with Melissa MacVicar. MACVICARRRRRR!!! Help me beat her by writing a review for BJ here. Thanks!

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