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Friday, November 1, 2013

The Great 2013 Review Rumble - IT'S ON!

Well, it's official everybody!  Melissa MacVicar and I are in a Review Rumble for the month of November!

WHO?  You!  Everyone!  My fans and well-wishers vs. Melissa's horde of vicious minions.

WHAT?  The race is on to see how many LEGITIMATE reviews our books can get during November.  So, some ground rules.  To participate, you must have actually read the book (though you don't need to have purchased it from Amazon) and you must write an HONEST review.  If you haven't bought either or both of our books, feel free to here and here!

WHEN?  Any time between November 1 and November 30, inclusive. 

WHERE?  Click on the picture above or go here.  And if you want to turn traitor on me/support another awesome author, go here.

WHY?  For fun!  However, to make things, as the kids say, "interesting," we've agreed to the following stakes:

If I win Melissa has to write a guest post for my blog extolling the virtues of zombies.
If Melissa wins I have to write a guest post for her blog extolling the virtues of (shudder) romance.


  1. For everyone's enjoyment, I hope Melissa wins this one.

    1. Boooooo! You just lost your status as my best imaginary author friend!


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