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Monday, April 7, 2014

Press Release: Stephen Kozeniewski signs 9 book deal with Permuted Press

Mad props to our good friends at The Bookie Monster (you'd think they're paying me to keep pimping them, but really they're just super-supportive and I have to keep sharing all the stuff they keep doing for me) for this press release announcing my 9 book deal with Permuted Press.  (I know, press release, sounds like something only a bigshot fancypants would get to do, right?)

Press Release: Stephen Kozeniewski signs 9 book deal with Permuted Press
Two world-famous legal scholars review my Permuted contract and find it more than fair


  1. Awesome, Stephen! That's fantastic! You're going to be one busy guy. And I'm sure your cats would never lead you astray. ;)

    1. He he, thanks, Leandra. I'm sure they would only lead me astray in exchange for treats, and I don't really see any way someone else could arrange that.


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