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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

"B" is for "Braineating"

Well, you all no doubt knew this post was coming.  BRAINEATER JONES was my first published work and it holds a special place in my heart.


Don’t run off just yet!

Because this is also a functional post, with lots of housekeeping and moving pieces.

So, for those of you who haven’t been paying attention (and, honestly, outside of myself and my publisher, there is absolutely no one on this Earth who should be paying all that much attention to this) BRAINEATER JONES has been Amazon-exclusive for the last…um…I’m not actually sure, but I’d wager about six months.

Let me double check and see if I have an actual record of when it went Amazon exclusive.  Okay, I can’t find an e-mail or anything, so it must have been a phone call.  So, the reason BRAINEATER JONES went Amazon-exclusive was because Amazon came out with a new program called “Kindle Unlimited.”  Oh, but, you know what, Kindle Unlimited didn’t really come into existence until September, so it was probably right around there.  Yeah, so about six months, like I said.

Kindle Unlimited, if you haven’t been following the news, is essentially Netflix for books.  You pay a flat subscription fee, I think $9.99 a month, and you can download as many titles as you can read.  So, I’ve got to be frank right here, even though I strongly encourage literacy, and not just for selfish reasons, but I don’t really see the value of Kindle Unlimited.  The number of people reading eleven books a month has got to be infinitesimal.  Well, maybe not infinitesimal, but I know readers, good readers, dedicated readers, who max out at a book a week.

I suppose if you’re picking up a bunch of $5.99 e-books on Kindle Unlimited, maybe that’s making it worth it.  I dunno.  Anyway, I don’t want to dissect that too much.  But the point is, BRAINEATER JONES was on Kindle Unlimited for a while as an experiment, but now we’re back in mass distribution!  I honestly have no idea whether it was good or bad for sales (I mean, I don’t have another six month period from September to January to compare it to where my book has been out.)  So I guess we’ll find that out this year.  Unless we go back on Kindle Unlimited.  Anyway, I could run around in circles worrying about that.

The good news is for those of you with a Nook, BJ is now back in the Barnes and Noble store.  It’s also available again on:

Google play

And, here’s the best part.  I sometimes get people asking what the “best” distribution method is to support me.  And up until now it’s mostly been a shrug, because all of those distributors take their cut of the vig.  But now I finally have a proper answer.  Red Adept Publishing just opened a direct purchase store on their website.  So, with no middleman, I’ll basically be getting my full 50% of your purchase royalties.  So the ideal place for any reader to purchase BRAINEATER JONES is now:

The Red Adept Publishing store

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