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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Women in Horror Month #6: E.M. MacCallum, Reviewer and Author of the THE DEMON'S GRAVE Trilogy

I'm pleased to welcome one of my very favorite women in horror to the WiHM interview series: E.M. MacCallum!

E.M. is a prolific reviewer of all things horror and last year she dipped her toe into the field with her own writing.  Let's not waste any more time on this introduction so we can jump right into the bio and interview.

About E. M. MacCallum

Living in the backwoods somewhere in Alberta, Canada, E.M. MacCallum spends most of her time reading, stabbing at her keyboard and transferring the stories in her head onto paper.

Currently she is hard at work on her next story and also running The Reader's Hollow blog which is about books, stories and those who love them.

You can find her on Twitter, her author Facebook, her blog The Reader's HollowThe Reader's Hollow Facebook, and her website.


SK:  What are your horror bona fides?

EMM:  I am the author of the western/horror novella ZOMBIE-KILLER BILL, and the dark urban fantasy trilogy THE DEMON'S GRAVE. I've also written several short stories in various horror, and paranormal anthologies. 

SK:  Who or what terrifies you?

EMM:  Laundry. But, that's likely not what you were looking for. For fears, I think it would be thinking I'm safe when I'm not. For example, a few weeks back, in a city I live by, a couple woke up to see a large man standing over their bed. He stabbed them both, then fled. They're not in critical condition and will be fine, but I don't think my mind would take that well.

SK:  Are there unique challenges to being a woman in horror or do you feel like gender is irrelevant?

EMM:  I might be a minority on this, but honestly, I haven't had problems with being a woman who writes, and loves horror. More and more women are being known in this genre, and though it's dominated by men, there's still a healthy portion of up-and-coming women. I've heard of some people not picking up a horror book if a there was a female writer, but their loss.

SK:  Who are your favorite female horror icons?

EMM:  First one that came to mind was Alice from the "Resident Evil" movies. She kicked ass, took names, and started rebellions. It's kind of badass. Plus, I hear she's playable in "Resident Evil 7."

SK:  What are you working on currently? Why should folks check it out?

EMM:  I'm currently working on a horror/paranormal project. I haven't read anything like it before, so I think that might draw in some readers. It's about a demon, and his collection of ghost girls. His newest addition has to find a way to escape her contract, but that means coming to terms with the life she left behind.



When strange shadows and messages plague Nora's daily life she fears for her sanity. To escape questions from her family, Nora joins her friends on a weekend getaway. Despite not liking Aidan Birket, Nora finds his remote, Victorian house charming. Until they discover the marble doorway on the third floor and, against Nora's better judgment, they open it.

Drawn into an unfamiliar place called the Demon's Grave, the group face a charismatic demon and a set of Challenges. Six nightmarish realities for the six of them is the punishment. Those that make it to the end can go home, but those that don't will be his forever. Friendships are tested, secrets revealed and sacrifices will be made.

Nora battles zombies, doppelgängers, eyeless bikers, and the demon--whose interests are more than just a game of cat and mouse. If it's all in her head, then it should be easy. But, if not, it means the demon knows everything and her past and the death of her twin sister.


  1. Thank you very much for your time, and doing this interview, Stephen!

    1. Thanks for participating, E.M.! And for all that you do for the horror community!


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