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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Quick Word

Hey everybody!

I'm just going to level with you: I am not on top of my game.

I just got a new job.  It's extremely demanding.  The person I'm replacing hasn't left yet, and we don't think alike.  Which means I'm being second-guessed on nearly everything I say.  Which was bad enough when it was just the nature of my job.  I guess you could say I'm now being third-guessed.

Not to mention I'm being trained while still having to do essentially 2.5 jobs (my new one, my old one, and a bunch of additional duties I've accrued over the years.)  My training mostly consists of being interrupted every five minutes to be asked to do something else.  So nothing is really getting done.

This is the first time I'm verbalizing this.  Well, type-verbalizing it.  Whatever.  I not good with word-thingies.

So I have been absent.  Absent from social media, which means the blog is suffering.  I've also been absent from the writing desk, but you wouldn't know that.  Only I know that.  It's disheartening at the end of a long day of getting nothing done to be too exhausted to get anything done.

I was going to make this post about the importance of reviews, but it seems that what I had intended to be a brief prologue has turned into practically a blogpost unto itself.  I guess that's one benefit of being long-winded.  Long-typing-winded.  Whatever.

So maybe I'll put off that review post until I'm more composed to put it together.  But for now I'll just say: sorry.  I'm human, too.  I usually try not to waste everybody's time complaining about stuff, but here I am.  So I'm going to try to crank out a few hundred words before midnight.  That's going to be my new goal.  And I'll apologize now if the blog ends up suffering.

God, is this even making any sense?  Okay, back in a jif.  Good night and good luck.

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