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Friday, April 1, 2016

Three Links

There's a lot going on right now, but rather than rehash it, it might be best if I just redirect you to where the action actually is.  Plus, it couldn't hurt to have you follow me on other social media platforms, right?  That's what they call "synergy," kids.

1.)  I Need Your Vote

No, this isn't an election year come-on.  I am up against two heavyweight opponents in the Long and Short Reviews Book of the Month Contest.  But I have an advantage they don't have: the best fans in the world.  You!  Oh, all right, I know you don't exist and I'm just typing this into an existential void.  You don't need to make me feel bad about it.  But, if by some Schrödinger's cat-like quantum miracle you do exist, feel free to vote for me.

2.)  New AT HELL'S GATES Cover Art!

AT HELL'S GATES IV has been a bit delayed.  Everybody who works on it is human, and some of us are more human than most.  But!  It has not been forgotten and we are making incremental steps towards completion.  Today the new cover art came out, sans lettering because the table of contents isn't completed yet.  Check it out here.

3.)  On a More Personal Note...

Remember how I said on Wednesday that I have a lot of personal issues going on?  Well, for the first time in a long time I can be open and forthright with you, my beloved fans and friends.  There's a reason I've been so out to lunch lately, and it's a she.

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