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Friday, August 5, 2016

Do You Want an Autograph?

Hello, friends!  A brief word on autographs.

First of all, if you've bought an e-copy of any of my books, you can always request an inscription and an e-autograph through Authorgraph.  You knew that just from reading the header on the blog.

However, lots of people also prefer actual autographs on physical books.  As you've probably been able to tell, I've been hitting the convention circuit hard lately.  A number of readers either missed a signing or bought a book at one event and decided they wanted more.  As a result, I've had several people approach me in the last few weeks on FB and Twitter wondering if they can get signed paperbacks.

At the moment the answer is yes.  I know there are some authors who are far too busy to answer every such request, but I am by no means that famous and/or busy right now.  (With luck, this blogpost will open up the floodgates and make me eat those words, so have at it.) 

I always have paperbacks of my novels on hand for signing, and I'm happy to ship them out to you.  Unfortunately, I do not keep any of the anthologies in stock.

Feel free to reach out to me by whatever means you prefer: e-mail, FB messenger, even Twitter DM.  Here's what I'll need from you:

- Your shipping address
- Whether you want to dictate you own inscription, have me make up a personalized inscription, or flat sign it (as in, just the autograph, you know, so you can flip it on eBay or whatever)
- $10 per novel and $5 total for shipping (I prefer PayPal, but we can discuss.)

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