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Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Last War: Chapter 29, Part 4

“Fire! Fire!”

With a huge explosion the coalie tank blew into a million little pieces. Daltrey and Jones cheered. They’d been out here for a while, but they’d only just killed their first tank. It was hard without a commander. Jones had taken on two hats: gunner and commander. It was hard.

“We are getting along okay without the captain,” said Daltrey hopefully.

“The hell we are! We are not doing to bloody well if you ask me!”

The tank suddenly shook as numerous shells from batteries and AS guns rained down upon it. The armor held, luckily. Another Ally tank not far off was not so lucky. It blew up in a great flowering blossom of fire and the burnt skeletons of it’s crew.

“It’s okay. We will get through this,” said Daltrey.

“I know,” said Jones, and he ground his teeth.

They continued on.

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