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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Maverick, LCSW (update)



You may be wondering why I promised on April 25 to have an update on my Script Frenzy manuscript, "Maverick, LCSW" in the "next few days" and then never followed up.  Well, the short answer is, I can't internets so good.  The longer, but also still short answer is, I sometimes think you're imaginary, and therefore won't notice my broken promises.

The MUCH longer answer is that I did, indeed, complete my script, on time, as you probably could tell from the updated list of winners buttons for NaNo and Script Frenzy that I keep below my usual posting area.  (Scroll down to check it out, if you haven't.  The 2012 one is down there.)  I didn't find anything interesting in my stats, as I sometimes do.  I pretty much just did 100 pages, about 3 a day, with a few longer days and one or two dropped days.  So I didn't feel a need to write anything about THAT.

What I DO think, though, is that Maverick is funny, occasionally clever, and definitely unpublishable, not for the least of reasons being that it's kind of impossible to break into the movie industy with a spec script.  So I got to thinking that I'd like to actually "burn" Maverick on the ol' blog here.  (Wow, it's been so long since I burned a manuscript, you probably forgot that was this site's raison d'être.)


I wrote Maverick, as I do all of my scripts, using Celtx.  If you're not familiar with Celtx, it's a great tool and you should definitely check out the hyperlink and download it, free of charge.  Celtx basically formats your script for you, no fuss, no muss.  What it doesn't do, though, is allow you to easily copy and paste into text-based programs like Word or, especially, Blogger here.  It lets you generate a .pdf, which is what Script Frenzy requires for "winning" anyway, so I never really worried about it before.

And here's something else you may not know: Blogger isn't really proper web publishing software, it's just a basic, easy blogging site.  So you can't really upload documents (i.e. a .pdf) to Blogger.  I really WANTED to share Maverick with you, my imaginary loyal readers, but for a while I couldn't figure out how, so I just didn't.

So here's my thought on that.  I'm thinking, why get one blog post out of Maverick when I could get 100?  (Not really, but I can't figure out an easier fix.)  So what I'm going to do is, probably starting June 1, is start posting three pages a week, MWF, of "Maverick, LCSW" to the blog by copying and pasting each page into a .jpg format and just uploading the picture.  I'm going to take the rest of the month of May to fire off a few pre-planned blog posts, not to mention bang Maverick into a bit more reader-friendly shape, and then we'll get back to the actual business of the blog, which is burning manuscripts.  (And booming.)

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