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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Life on Mars Redux

Okay, so I understand you may not consider this a "new post." You might even consider it a "cop-out" (ha!) But an interesting thing happened to me last night. I got an e-mail from an actual guy who works on Life on Mars congratulating me on the quality of this video. That's right, the post production assistant for this show, which I assume is something on par with an executive producer or director, actually let me know what he thought of the original, shaky version of this. So I was instantly motivated to use the knowledge of Windows Movie Maker I developed since then to make this redux. It's identical in every way except that it's not me taping my computer screen while playing a song on a CD player. It was actually all compiled and edited on the computer, and so the quality is much better. Here's to you, Life on Mars. May your series finale be better than your ratings were. Still the best show on television.

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