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- Mikhail Bulgakov

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Monday, March 30, 2009


Well, we did it. 100,000 hits. A milestone as arbitrary as the millennium, I know, but like the year 2000 it is also one we will celebrate. And no, it won’t be by watching “Rushmore” and smoking three cigarettes. I’ve been promising those of you who care enough to pay attention a contest almost since the last contest and here it is:


Here are the rules:
1) Make a comment on this or any subsequent page explaining why you are the biggest fan of this blog in the world
2) Your explanation can consist of anything: an essay, a multimedia event, a picture, video, song anything that will get the point across
3) The contest ends at 11:59 pm EST on April 13. That gives you more than two weeks to compose something magnificent
4) The winner will receive an honest to goodness brick and mortar prize: a set of posters. Watch this space for a link to a photo gallery of the grand prize.

Judging criteria:
a) Cleverness, originality
b) Quantifiables: i.e.,
- did you comment on the blog a lot (or retroactively comment, hint, hint)
- are you a fan on our Facebook page (
- are you a MySpace user who has to copy and paste the stupid link every day because MySpace has no idea what’s spam and what’s not
c) Content of your explanation (i.e. “you changed my life!” or “Manuscripts Burn is my homepage!”)
d) Quality and effort

So, have at it!

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