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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

New Release Announcement: YOU'RE MINE by Somer Canon

Insecure misfit Ioni Davis never thinks she’ll find love in her sleepy West Virginia hometown. Then the tall, fascinating stranger Raber Belliveau transfers to her school.

Their attraction is instant and red-hot. And a shared fascination with witchcraft bonds the young lovers even closer.

But while Ioni is responsibly studying her newfound religion of Wicca, Raber has chosen an altogether…different path.

Soon, Raber’s behavior becomes manipulative. Even abusive. And their love story for the ages is turning into a macabre farce. All Ioni wants to do is get out.

But Raber has discovered a dreadful way to control their relationship. A ritual which hasn’t been attempted in over a century. A spell to unleash a bloodthirsty terror which can never be satisfied.

Ioni finds herself trapped in a struggle for her life and even her free will against a once-trusted lover who has assured her…


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“Somer Canon delivers a gripping tale of doomed love and the dark twisted need to control.”
- Ali Seay, author of GO DOWN HARD and TO OFFER HER PLEASURE

“I loved this novel! A blend of occult horror, suspense, and coming-of-age, the story kept me in its grip from the first page to the last. A cautionary tale about the dangers of power, magic, and the desire to be loved, this is one of Somer Canon’s finest books.”
- Regina Garza Mitchell, co-editor of THE BIG BOOK OF BLASPHEMY
and two-time Golden Apple Writer-in-Residence

“Twisty, dangerous, sexy, and tense, YOU’RE MINE will seize you by the throat and tighten its stranglehold until the very last page. Somer Canon is a fantastic storyteller with a fearsome, unforgettable voice.”
- Jonathan Janz, author of THE SIREN AND THE SPECTER and MARLA

"Somer Canon is a vibrant, vital voice in the horror genre today, and YOU'RE MINE is proof why. Creepy, cool, and unforgettable, you'll descend into the world of Ioni and Raber as they fall for witchcraft and each other, all with disastrous, devilish consequences. Read all of Somer Canon's work, starting with this killer book."
- Gwendolyn Kiste, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of THE RUST MAIDENS and RELUCTANT IMMORTAL
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