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Monday, July 20, 2009

The Last War: Chapter 35, Part 1

Basilisk looked at his scanner and smiled broadly. It was an illegal piece of equipment, jacked into an American satellite. It was scanning the battlefields of France and Spain where the war was really raging. Basilisk had been following the war as it went on all over the world. He was searching. He was fairly certain he had found what he was searching for.

Perpignan. That was the name of the town. It was where the Allies had begun pushing into Spain. There were two leapers in the Battle of Perpignan, one on either side. He was most interested in the less advanced leaper. He shook his head in awe.

“Amazing,” he said.

He tapped a few more buttons on the scanner. A list of names came up. There it was. The gunner’s name was Jacques de Ris, French, major.

“This is the one,” Basilisk said, “I’ve got to find this man.”

Suddenly, a blur of a German ran by Basilisk, snapping his attention away from the scanner. He flicked it off and thrust it in his coat pocket.

“General Krauss?” Basilisk called after the man.

“Can’t talk now, colonel, I’m late for Metzger again!” Krauss called over his shoulder.

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