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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Last War: Chapter 60, Part 3

"We're pushing them back into Cairo," Qajar said, "It won't be long now! No, it certainly won't be long. With al-Xyz's discipline and my daring strides forward, we're an unbeatable combination! Madame general, this campaign is successfully won already, I think."

Qajar anxiously rubbed his hands together and began speaking to himself in excitement. Supreme General Fadla bint Tarriq turned from the more brash general to her rock, Mossad al-Xyz.

"And you, general? What do you think?"

Slowly, laboriously, al-Xyz thought. He finally produced an answer.

"My comrade Qajar is correct. I have heard disturbing tales of desertion and suicide, but all seems well."

"And you think Cairo will be taken within, say, the week?"

Al-Xyz nodded.

"So be it. Imshallah, our troops shall be victorious."

None of the three said it, but Allah was not the only encouragement for their troops. The thought of barrels of money to swim in was also quite inspirational.

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