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Monday, August 12, 2013

The 2013 Hundie Challenge #68: Dastardly Bastard

As we wind down the Red Adept books on this list - after today, there's two more - I thought we'd come back and take a look at the very first book RAP published, way back in 2012 A.D.: DASTARDLY BASTARD by Edward Lorn. Let's kick this post off with a tagline.


Not sure that's one of my best but these seem to get harder the further I delve into this list. I've got to say, DB definitely has a Stephen King-ish quality to it, I might even say a George R. R. Martin quality to it the way it jumps from head to head. (Not to mention the...well, I won't get into that.) And it's definitely got a "We're trapped, oh shit, the bridge is out too and the clocks stopped" feeling to it a la Raimi.

SeƱor Lorn disagrees with me, but I believe this is his best book. Well, he's welcome to be wrong.

For the back cover blurb and places to buy, click here.

To read an excerpt click here.

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