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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Awards Season Redux!

Hey, everybody!  In case you missed my original post on awards season, there are still a couple of things over there that you can do.  I've come up with a few more.  But rather than update that old thing, I thought I'd post new (semi-) original content.  Everybody loves original content, right, Cracked Magazine?

So here are two more quick things you can do to help me out this year.  Thanks, everybody!

- Send a link to BILLY AND THE CLONEASAURUS to Jimmy Fallon's Do Not Read List.

(Yeah, I know, this isn't exactly an "award" but it's still stupendous exposure.  Maybe even life-changing exposure.)  Basically this is just a quick e-mail.  I'd love it if you'd personalize the message so he doesn't think I'm spamming him with multiple sock puppet accounts. 

Subject:  Do Not Read List suggestion

Dear Jimmy,

I found a perfect new title for your Do Not Read List: BILLY AND THE CLONEASAURUS.  Check out the link:!

- Nominate me for the 2014 This is Horror Awards.

All you need to do is send an e-mail using the template below by November 28. You can nominate 2 items in every category as long as it's not your own work and it was created between Nov '13 and Nov '14, so feel free to flesh out this skeleton with all your favorite works of horror.

Subject: This Is Horror Award Nominations 2014

Novel of the Year - BILLY AND THE CLONEASAURUS by Stephen Kozeniewski
Film of the Year -
TV Series of the Year -
Short Story Collection of the Year - AT HELL'S GATES by Devan Sagliani, et al.
Anthology of the Year - AT HELL'S GATES by Devan Sagliani, et al.
Publisher of the Year - Severed Press

Magazine of the Year - 
UK Event of the Year -
Book Cover of the Year - BILLY AND THE CLONEASAURUS by Stephen Kozeniewski and AT HELLS GATES by Devan Sagliani, et al.
Tattoo Artist of the Year -
Podcast of the Year -

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