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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

"Y" is for "Yes, I Almost Just Blew It"

You ever almost blow it?

You ever make it 24/26 of the way into something and then almost completely drop the ball?

I got nothing for you today.  I got nothing, so I'm going to see if I can blather on about nothing for 500 words.  If that's the kind of thing you come to my blog for, then God have mercy on your soul.  If it's not, then I suggest you check out this video of a tuba player trolling the Klan.

Wasn't that great?  I'm about 95% certain you checked out the video whether you kept reading or not.  So, yeah.  I got a good laugh out of that today.  I almost couldn't stop laughing even when they kept doing it over and over again.

Yeah.  So.  Here's the deal.

I don't know how much I've ever actually sat down and talked about this challenge.  Seven months ago (!) our good friend Tonia Brown proposed the 26-Week Blog Challenge.  I'm pretty sure I had already declared 2015 the Year of Interviewing Dangerously.  At that point I realized that bringing both on board would be a great opportunity to keep myself on track for blogging this year.

The first year I blogged, I posted every day.

Let me repeat that:



Seven days a week.  Now, at that point (2009) I was still "burning" manuscripts, which some of my newer followers may not even remember.  Every author has "trunked" manuscripts, that is to say, manuscripts which should never see the light of day or are in some other way unpublishable, and end up in the trunk at the foot of their beds.  (Well, you know, back in the days when manuscripts were physical things instead of files on their computers.)

So I was posting a few of my trunked manuscripts, and since I had so much material to work with, I had no issue posting daily.  I could even throw in multimedia days and a few other things, you know, like a regular blogger, and add a little bread to my meatloaf that way.

By 2011 things had fallen off.  2011 was my worst year for blogging, just as 2009 was my best year.  And really I think the best schedule for blogging is three times a week.

So now in 2015 I'm trying to make it stick.  We've got a bunch of upcoming releases this year, so those will make for ready-made posts.  And even though the 26-Week Blog Challenge is coming to an end, I still intend to keep up posting on Wednesdays.

But I almost didn't today.  I almost dropped the ball.  It's nearly 10:30 at night.  And my normal blogging schedule is for noon.  I've just been stressed as hell this week.  But I'm doing it.  I'm struggling through.  I'm going to get there.

You know who I really admire, though?  I admire you.  For somehow getting through this.  You made it.  I think we're almost up to 500 words.  That was one of the limitations of the 26 Week Blog Challenge limitations.  I don't think I mentioned that.  But hooray!  You made it through with me.  There.  We did it.  A few sentences ago.  Now get off of my lawn.  One more to go.

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