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Friday, March 17, 2017

Scares that Care Shrimp Feast or Bust!

Hey kids!  As you can probably tell by this point I am a big proponent of the Scares That Care charity.  Scares That Care is a horror-themed charity organization which benefits a different set of three ill people each year: a victim of pediatric cancer, a victim of breast cancer, and a burn victim.  I attended the Scares That Care Weekend last July (and I'll be attending again this July) which is an absolute must-attend for anyone who's a fan of horror literature. 

But Scares That Care isn't just a one-weekend event.  They have pop-up events and charity drives all throughout the year.  For instance, I attended the 24-hour Horror Show telethon in January which raised over $10,000 for the deserving families.  And this weekend I'll be attending the STC Shrimp Feast in Baltimore, MD.

This isn't exactly an open event, because tickets were sold and I'm not sure if they'll be available at the door.  But if you are present, and you want to talk to me or have me sign a book, cool.  I'll also have a few books in my car, but, trust me, bookselling won't be my focus.  I'll probably have to grab a few dozen wet naps to clean off before I sign anything for you.  And if you just happen to be in the area, tweet or FB me and I'll meet you in the parking lot to sell you some books, provided you promise not to bone collect me.

The Shrimp Feast will be at:

Jimmy's Famous Seafood
6526 Holabird Ave, Baltimore, Maryland 21224

Hope to see you there!

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