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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

My To-Do List

This might be tragically boring or it might not.  I'm majorly swamped right now, and I like to think I'm not the sort of person who complains about being majorly swamped.  (It's better than no one wanting your work, right?)  I'm so swamped, in fact, that I need to write a to-do list. 

And the first thing on my to-do list is:

1.)  Write a blogpost for Wednesday because you didn't write one Monday, you sorry sack of shit.

So it occurs to me perhaps I could kill two birds with one stone and just make my to-do list a blogpost.  That'd be interesting, right?  You'd all like to see that, right?  Eh, whatever, just patronize me.

2.)  Write chapter in THE PERFECTLY FINE HOUSE ("unhaunted house" collaboration with Wile E. Young)

3.)  Write chapter in SLASHVIVOR II: GRUNDLE POUNDERS (collaboration with Stevie Kopas)

4.)  Write next installment of special project "The Door" - due 4/23

5.)  Finish author edits on NOTES FROM THE UNDEAD (companion piece to THE GHOUL ARCHIPELAGO)

6.)  Complete cover work and republish second edition of BILLY AND THE CLONEASAURUS

7.)  Complete cover work and republish second edition of THE GHOUL ARCHIPELAGO

8.)  Finish first draft of THE SECRET POLICEMAN'S CONSCIENCE


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