Manuscripts Burn


"Manuscripts don't burn"
- Mikhail Bulgakov

Hi, I'm horror and science fiction author Steve Kozeniewski (pronounced: "causin' ooze key.") Welcome to my blog! You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and Amazon. You can e-mail me here, join my mailing list here, or request an e-autograph here. Free on this site you can listen to me recite one of my own short works, "The Thing Under the Bed."

"Burned" Manuscripts

The original purpose of this blog was to "burn" my unpublishable or "trunked" manuscripts by consigning them to the uncaring furnace of the internet.  I've since been published and so the focus of the blog has shifted, but you can always find those stories in the archives, so here are the links to get you started.  (By the way...I haven't burned a manuscript in a long time, but there are still a few in my trunk, so I wouldn't rule out the possibility I may do so again at an unspecified future date.)

Eternity Burning
The Terrifying Revenge of the B-Movie!!!
The Last War
The Neighbors Are Zombies
A Fistful of Zombies
Maverick, LCSW

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