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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Eternity Burning: Chapter 10, Part 2

As they stepped out on the street, Cain said, "You know, I've just realized something, Duke. What went through my head just now was that I could make the Fellowship's cause stronger by working with the mayor. I hadn't even considered the fact that he was a bigot, that he stood for everything which I claim to abhor. I just made a deal with my ideological arch enemy. What do you think of that, Duke?"

"I don't really think much of it at all, sir."

"Oh, you mean you think that sometimes beliefs must give way to practicality?"

"No, I don't mean that, sir. I just mean I hadn't really considered it."

"So you do think I've given up my principles?"

"No, I don't think that either, sir."

Cain sighed.

"I'm afraid that I've strayed, Duke. I think I may have betrayed myself. Have you ever had that feeling, Duke?"

"No, sir."

"Never, Duke?"

"Never, sir."

"How can that be, Duke?"

"Well, sir, I don't serve myself. I serve you. What I value about me doesn't come from any belief of my own, it just comes from my obedience. My honor is my loyalty. The only way I could betray myself is if I betrayed what I served. And I've never betrayed you, sir."

"You're a simple man, Duke. A good, righteous, simple man."

"Thank you, sir."

"You must promise me something, Duke. When I've sold out my belief system because it seemed like it would help my belief system - you must betray me. When I've become totally corrupt, you must betray me to save yourself, Duke. Will you promise me that, Duke?"

"I'll never betray you, sir. I'm sorry."

"Yes. So am I."

They both stood still and the wind blew around them.

"It's a very cold night out," Duke said.

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