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Monday, February 23, 2009

Eternity Burning: Chapter 11, Part 3

The memoir ended there, but the story of it did not. The young punk who had written it immediately had it published in as many right-wing newspapers and magazines as he could find. It actually became rather famous in racist and especially skinhead circles, and was compared to Mein Kampf as the hallmark of Fascist literature. There was also much conjecture about who the author was, since he had never signed it.

The author had very appropriately signed it anonymous, because he was no one special, just a nameless face in the crowd, albeit a hate-filled racist. He spent a few months in jail, during which time he wrote the memoir and very soon afterward he was scared straight. He had been beaten brutally on so many occasions that he swore he would give up Nazism and start from scratch. He immediately scratched the tattoo off his arm with a knife. When he was released from jail he began to work as a janitor in a fast food restaurant.

Through years of hard, backbreaking labor he eventually paid his own way through college and earned a doctorate of business law. As a throwback from his earlier days, he became politically active, however, he was now a vocal and intelligent conservative as opposed to a specious radical. He had a small amount of charisma, and found a place in the bureaucracy of the political machine.

From there he gradually won elections on larger and larger scales until finally clawing his way to the position of mayor of Philadelphia. He had managed to bury his past. Until recently, the only time he grew apprehensive was when someone asked him about the peculiar scar on his arm.

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