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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Braineater Jones Glossary

Here's a little something just for fun. Braineater Jones had a much shorter worldbuilding process than some of my other works, but I still stopped to make a glossary.


– a derogatory term for all zombies, but used more specifically in the zombie community to mean a zombie nearing the five year mark where their minds collapse and they become mindless creatures; compare “dim” or “bub”

bring across
– the process by which a zombie comes back from the dead; see also “turn”

– thinking zombies, of the type most of the characters are, prior to brain collapse brought on by insufficient alcohol use or the passage of time; compare “braineater;” see also “dim”

– most common term for zombies, as “zombie” was not in common usage until the 1960s, sometimes considered derogatory and less commonly used in the zombie community; compare “our kind”

– alternate term for “bub”

double dog dead
– term used mostly by Braineater Jones to refer to a zombie’s destruction; compare “put down”

morgue mates
– zombies killed or resurrected at the same time, sometimes considered to have fraternal or sexual relationships

put down
– more common parlance for destroying a zombie; compare “double dog dead”

– alternate term for “bring across”

our kind
, our community, and variations – euphemism used within the zombie community akin to “cosa nostra” in the mafia; compare “deadhead”

unbirth – the process of being turned, sometimes treated as a holiday in the zombie community, as in “Unbirthday”

– collective term for zombies, relatively rare in the actual zombie community; see also “deadhead,” “our kind”

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