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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Last War: Chapter 73, Part 6

General Bruno Olensheim punched the table. It was enraging the way the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe was pushing him around.

"You seem angry, General Olensheim," the SAC said, "I would think you would be happy with Germany back in the hands of it's owners. Or should I say Hans of it's owners."

The SAC laughed maniacally. Olensheim gave a tepid, forced chuckle.

"What an original and amusing joke," he muttered bitterly in German.

"What did you say?" the English SAC asked.

"I said it was an amusing joke," Olensheim said more brightly in English.

"Oh, well, thank you. Now look, we've organized our plans with the Polish partisans, and for some reason, they've just asked us to move up the timetable. It makes no sense to me. The Mongols have forced the Russians out of the battle. It's all rather annoying, but it puts you and the American, what's his name, King, in the forward positions to take out Athens. We think Igoumensita will admit defeat once home city is taken. So take Athens at all costs."

"There will be many casualties," Olensheim said, carefully pronouncing the last word.

"Right you are. Well, look on the positive side of things. It's a cracking good day for a battle, at least."

"Dummscheisse," Olensheim whispered.

"What'd you say, chap?"

"I said it's very nice out."

"Oh, jolly good. Well, off you are then.""

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