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Friday, January 29, 2010

The Last War: Chapter 79, Part 2

"We bury today a man who changed his nationality, his body, his mind, and his very essence to become one of the greatest military heroes of The Last War. The man who was born Wei Sung, and changed his name to..."

"Beshu!" a man behind the congregation called out.

The entire clot of Mongols turned around. They began to part like waves to allow the intruder through. Many of them were boggling at the newcomer.

"You are interrupting a very solemn ceremony, young man. Who are you?" the Mongol priest demanded.

"I am the man you are burying today."

The priest stared. Beshu turned around to face the congregation.

"Yes, I am alive," he said, "Any commando here knows we are all equipped to fake our own deaths. But I am not here to comfort any of you with the knowledge I am alive. I am here to say I am sorely dissappointed with every dog which calls itself a Mongol. You gave up the fight! You stopped our war which would have returned us to our former glory. I want to offer you all a chance to redeem yourselves. I am planning to rebuild the empire. Join me! We can still be great."

"We'll follow no more warlords!" one of the congregation called out.

"We're tired of war. We want peace, for once. The whole world wants peace," another exclaimed.

"As long as fools like you still dream, we'll never truly have peace. Give up your fight! We all have."

Beshu planted his hands on his hips in a gesture of disgust.

"You would all have the cause fade away?"

"We're tired of causes! They just make people die. The world's wiser now. We'll have no more dogma, so you can stop preaching it."

Beshu felt shell shocked. He nodded.

"Fine, then," he said drily.

He stepped down and walked away. He was never heard from again. It was as though he had faded into history.

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