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Friday, January 15, 2010

Relief for Haiti

Okay, as you know, I normally don’t interrupt this blog for introspection and personal griping (although it’s been known to happen.) However, there is something that we all need to be doing today that’s more important than pop culture dreck. If you haven’t yet, please give something to the victims of the hurricane in Haiti. You can donate to the Red Cross. If you’re of a more religious bent, a friend of mine also posted this link to a charity run by the LDS Church.

I shouldn’t have to do a whole lot of convincing if you’re a human being and you care about other human beings. Just keep in mind that this weekend, while we’re at the Olive Garden, somebody in Port-au-Prince is starving. While we’re at the movies with our loved ones, the Haitians are at the graveyard with their loved ones (if they’re lucky enough to find a plot.) And while we’re drinking a few cocktails at the bar, an entire nation is scrabbling desperately for potable water. If you can spare it, consider donating.

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