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Monday, April 18, 2011


Well, well, well.  Looky looky.  It seems your beloved blogsman has won himself a contest.  It seems that friend of the blog and proprietor of Lesser Apricots Perri will be reviewing the first 101 pages of the much vaunted Ghoul Archipelago.  Funny winning that, too, considering I've been more or less taking April off in order to rule the universe of Script Frenzy.  Those of you who follow the blog religiously (and, really, if you don't, what's your problem, dude?) may recall that I won an ARC for Day One once.


Neither of those were skill-based.  It seems as though my only skill at winning contests is random good fortune.  Well, I guess there are worse skills to have.  Anyway, April is going to continue to be slim postings due to the ongoing nature of Script Frenzy.  However, I did finally conduct an interactive storytelling experience last weekend which was taking up a massive amount of my time, so I may have time to come back to the blog now and then.  But, anyway, congratulations to all the winners of Perri's contest, but to me especially, because I was the number one winner and I'm awesome.

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