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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ourrah, I'm part of a viral marketing campaign

Yeah, so I was that guy. With my lightning-fast reflexes and supreme level of insomnia, I was the frigger with the trigger on this contest. Interestingly, this was the first tangible reward I've received from all the effort I've put into blogging over the past year and a half. Symbolic, yes, but tangible. Which makes me hope that there are good things coming to me karmically.

So, why did I take my own picture of the book I got in the mail when there was a perfectly serviceable picture I could have ganked from the contest post? Well, take a look. In addition to the lovely handwritten note, this actual physical book is an ARC, a publisher's copy. I wasn't even expecting this book until after the July 1 drop date. Yeah, did you catch that? I got an advanced copy, all because I was sitting watching the Boondocks on a Sunday night and compulsively clicking. Pretty cool. Perhaps I am obligated by some sort of code to read and review the book before it's available.

The neatest thing about this ARC is the dedication page. It says, "Will there be a dedication?" Glorious.

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