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Thursday, January 5, 2012


So, last week I posed you people a challenge.  And you raaaaaallied.  Boy, did you ever rally.  Did someone take my advice and set up a drinking bird to keep clicking refresh?  Because that person gets a special Manuscripts Burn prize if he/she steps forward. 

Anyway, I know you've been sitting on pins and needles for the last seven days wondering how it went, so I won't keep you in suspense any longer.  WE DID IT!  December 2011 was Manuscripts Burns's biggest month EVER*.  Take a look at the final chart:

With, uh, oh, I'm not a big fan of numbers, let's say, twenty million more hits than June 2011, December was the most popular month for Manuscripts Burns of all time*.  OF ALL TIME*!  In case you're only used to looking at charts like this and you're not sure whether I'm snowballing you or not, take a look at this revised chart (red line added by the author):

So thanks to all of you.  And a special Happy New Year!  May this one be full of all the blessings that shitty 2011 wasn't.

* Except for massive amounts of missing data including the entire year of 2010, seemingly.  Gooooooooo, Blogger Stats Engine!  No, really.  Fucking go.

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